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Book 6 Page 48


The personality of the wind


Can you imagine what the wind would look like

if it was ‘a person?’

Would it have scraggly hair with eyes a glowing,

or something even worser!?


Would its body be shaped like sea-weed

a constantly moving about?

Would its voice be just a whisper.

or a terrible piercing shout?


And if the wind was a ‘woman,’

would it be more like a ‘gentle breeze?’

And would this woman have slender hair and a piercing stare,

and do exactly as she pleased.


And if the wind was one of the ‘animals,’ which animal would you pick?

Would it be a giant elephant?,

or a grass hopper on a stick.


And if the wind was not a human nor

any of the animal kind,

would it be content to be a ghost

a haunting all mankind?


The wind seems always a changing,

sometimes gentle, / sometimes a thing of enormous might.

Haven’t you noticed it even seems to take on a new persona on;

how it is in the day and how it is at night?


For it seems to be constantly changing its mood,

it can be nice, / or scary, / or blue.

And haven’t you noticed that whatever the wind is, it seems to

all depends on you.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  11/10/99