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This site looks at the history of farming practices in Australian

Book 6 Page 44 *


Better Karma in the farmer



The farmers have come a long way

since the days of indiscriminately mowing down trees.

Now there’s many a farmer planting and sowing back

the native scrub seeds.


So these days there’s better ‘karma in the farmer.’

They seem more concerned about the land,

like a person who has grown up.

The farmers these days are more 'responsibly human.'


"And not a moment to soon" I say,

for the old trends needed to be reversed.

We just couldn’t go on indefinitely destroying

and the land was in a dire need to be ‘nursed. ‘


 The times of spraying poisons and clearing are gone.

Gone are the behaviors  when we thought there was ‘no tomorrow.’

We are slowly recognising that the land

was crying out in agony and sorrow.


And so these days there’s better Karma in the farmer.

They are reflecting a wisdom ‘more refined.’

Going are the days they used methods that mistreats the earth.

No more pretending to be blind.


It’s time I think (I think it has been time for quite a while)

to stop mistreating this precious world.

It’s time to care for its return,

(like we might care for a sick animal) until the day that it gets well.


© Written by Dominic John Gill   11/10/99