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Book 10 Page 20






Teddy Bear conversation


O teddy bear, O teddy bear, you look so lovable there,

With your big blue marble eyes. You sit there placidly and peer.


You’re my sweetest and most beautifulest ball of fluff,

With your spongy brown body and your innards stuffed.


I bet you could tell an interesting story of how and where you were made.

Sown and stitched in the rag shop trade.


Now!,lets have a look!

I wonder if your tag tells me your ‘origin of birth,’

and I wonder just how much you were worth?


“Made in china, with the finest of wool,”

“forty eighty dollars ninety.” Oh teddy bear your virtually ‘indestructible!’


“Don’t wash in hot water.”

Ohj teddy! I wouldn’t do that, that would be ‘teddy bear slaughter.’


Here! Do you want to sit up here on the bed all day?

What’s that you say, you want to go outside and play!?


Me and my bear, we’ve been talking for years.

Occasionally he even sheds a human teddy bear tear.


Cause he’s so gentle and sweet and loving and kind,

and most of all, he’s mine!


He’s my most precious and darling ball of fluff,

and because of his sweet and cherished love, I can never get enough.                

  © Written by Dominic John Gill  6/12/99