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Book 6 Page 17


I like me beer


I like me beer,

Iím a beer swilling guy.

Most days Iím down at the pub (drinking and carrying on)

and giving girls the eye.


Iíve got this slightly fat gut

that cost me an arm and a leg.

Yep, I reckon Iíve got a gut

thatís worth at least seven or eight kegs.


They say Iíve got a shape like the Budda,

with the same cheesy grin,

Although Iíd be hard pushed to say

that I was lacking (like Budda) in sin.


Cause I like me woman

and I like me grog,

I reckon you could say Iím the furthest your gonna get

from a Ďnoble maní, or holy like God.


But I reckon Iíve got it good

hanging around with me mates down at the pub.

Yep, my life is full,

with me mates, me beer and me grub.


And I reckon Iím living out the great Australian dream,

year after bloody year.

Watching the footy with me mates, with a smoke in one hand

and in the other a fosters beer.


Hey! I just realised, you havenít introduced yourselves,

whatís the name anyway, do you come from around here?

Pull up the chair mate and crack open

a nice cold can of beer.


 8/10/99 © Written by Dominic John Gill