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Book 28 Page 10


A fly on my window sill



A fly I saw crawling on my window sill,

a black and ugly beast.

And ‘he’ I do believe,  saw me too and seemed

not concerned in the least.


Looking at me with his thousand eyes,

checking me out in his fly-ie kind of a way.

Maybe looking closely at me

to see if I had ‘a toxic spray.’


 After a while he began to fly and circled me.

I could see his wings flapping below his six dangly legs,

and I thought to myself, “maybe he’s checking me out

with a view to lay his maggoty eggs?”


And I wondered, “what do flies think”

as they buzz there on the hot window sill burning.

And how do they communicate,

and what could they possibly be learning?


“Oh what kind of a creature is this” I thought ,

as I imagined perhaps he was thinking the same,

as he seemed to be buzzing some words.

I’m sure , I’m sure he was trying to speak something,

buzzing around there on my window pane.


A fly I saw crawling on my window sill

and it seems we exchanged these brief sentiments,

and then suddenly he got up and flew off and I wonder,

now  where did that fly-ie went?


© Written by Dominic John Gill 8/Nov/2000