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Book 3 Page 35

In my little little world



In my little little world

I have become complacent with the larger world outside,

which lies beyond the confines of my

house, my TV, and the bed in which I lie.


In my little little world

I do not know what it is like to be starving and poor.

For in my life I have alway’s had food and shelter and felt safe

and never have I felt the suffering and anguish of war.


For in my little little world

pain and suffering is not a way of life.

In this little world, (which is by comparison) so

very, very sweet, and so very, very nice.


In my little little world

I sometimes forget that my ‘perspective is so very, very small,’

until the pain of suffering occasionally

gives me a call.


And then I am reminded of my

little, little world,

which by comparison (to the big wide open world is)

so very very small. © Written by Dominic John Gill  24/6/99