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Book 13 Page 46


A roving man am I


A roving man am I,

Iím up every morning at sun rise.

Tearing up the land

in me brand new Ďfour wheel drive.í


And in me Nissan patrol

A roving this wide land I go,

carrying everything and the kitchen sink in hand.

Yep Iím now your typical Aussie, Ďrovin man.í


Forget about the image of men on foot

walking and carrying a swag,

Roasting damper over a hot fire

and frying up a chop and a snag.


Iíve got me three in one Webber bar-b-que,

and a micro- wave on board.

Got a portable fridge too

and Iím living like a lord.


For I love to go a roving,

living in the rugged scrub,

carrying around my forty four trailer

with itsí built in Jacuzzi tub.


For its nature that I love,

living under this great southern sky.

Yep! Iím a true blue Aussie battler

and a roving man am I.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 1/3/00