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Book 1 Page 38

Time to write a poem


Time to write a poem.

Time to sit here and think about things.

To reflect, / to feel, / to wonder, / to sort out.


At first there is the waiting,

the waiting for inspiration to come.

Where it comes from, I do not know?

Where it goes to, I will find out?


I will wonder about 'you,'

I will wonder about 'me.'

But most of all,

I will wonder about 'us.'


Sometimes I will write simply,

sometimes it will be complex,

but always the meaning will attempt to flow

from one thought to the next.


And when it is done,

(when I feel better or worst,)

I will read it over and over again as if

rehearsing my own new found reality.


Time to sit and wonder about the world.

Time to write a poem.

Time to change the world that I live in.

Time to write a poem.



Written by Dominic John Gill  26/3/99