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Book 21 Page 26


Happy birthday your one


Happy birthday, you’re now a year old.

One year down the track and just ninety nine to go,

and life has passed so quickly has it not,

since you were just an embryo.


Yet in such a short time you’ve managed to get

mum and dad under your total control,

and next year you’ll perform those all important first steps,

that all important  stage of the ‘toddler’s role.’


And then it will be; “one small step for a child "

and out into the wide world so bold.

Imagine what achievements you will have made

this time next year when, Oh wow,

your double this old!


For your progress thus far has been great indeed,

you’re progressing along in leaps and bounds.

This time next year, no doubt ,

you will be stringing together sentences

into meaningful comprehendible sounds.


And then you can begin to instruct the world,

to give it your wisdom on how it all should be.

“I want this and I want to do that,”

“And I want to climb that forty foot tree!”


Yes I can see you progressing along just fine

little ………    …………..,

So congratulations for all the

good work already done.

Happy birthday.


One year down,

one year under your belt, (or nappy I should say) and just

ninety nine more to come.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 6/1/00