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Book 18 Page 49


School bully drama



Hey you,come here!

What me?

Yer you, who do you think Iím talking too!?

O.K.  what do you want me for?

Nice looking tie, I bet your mummy puts it on straight ever morning. Here Iíll just adjust it a little for you.

I got to go now.

You hear that boys, heís got to go now.

O no you donít, Iím not finished talking to you yet ,and beside, you didnít ask me if you can leave.

Let me go!

What you gonna do if I donít?

Let me go!

What you gonna do, call the teacher!?

Let me go or Iíll scream!

Go on then, scream, no bodyís gonna hear you way out here on the oval.

You hear that boys, he sayís if I donít let him go, heís gonna scream.

Whatís in the bag?

None of your business!

Come on! Show me! Whatís in the bag?

Leave it alone!


Hello, whatís going on here?

Why have you got Johns school bag in your hand Thomas?

Well ... John was just showing me his homework.

Is that right John?

Yes Miss Hammon.

Well off you go then, the both of you, but donít let me see you in this area of the school again. You know this part of the school is off limits.


Off you go then!


Thank you Miss Hammon.

Thank you Miss Hammon.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 4/27/00