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Book 7 Page 16

The bass player’s convention


Bass players are a unique and special breed,

they hear things quite differently.

When they hear a song they don’t hear the words

and not even the ‘main melody.’

For they hear; boom boom boom,  /  boom boom boom,

as the bass soaks into their bones.

That’s why they often stand at the back of the band,

playing as if playing alone.


Now once there was a ‘bass player’s convention,’

to see who could play the best bass.

The walls were thumping, the crowd was jumping,

there was not a high note in the place.


There was this ‘fat guy’ playing tuba

and a skinny guy on electric bass,

and without a doubt all of them played far too loud,

this I lesson to haste.


And the winner received a booming reception

for his rendition of ‘Smoke on the water.’

“Such a gut wrenching performance,” the judges said,

for he played it hard and just as you oughta.


Now I hope you’re not expecting this poem

to finish on some ‘exciting high,’

for in this particular poem it’s best that it finish ‘on a low,’

to give you that comfortable ‘bassy glow.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill   11/10/99