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Book 1 Page  24

Timeless dreaming




I'm sitting here alone

on the red dark sands of Australia.

An Emu waddles by, way off in the distance.

Everything seems to happens as if in an instant.



In an instant I find myself dreaming,

the land is shimmering and glinting / and hinting for me to join.

I look to the skies and down to the sand,

a snake shimmies past ,drawing cryptic wriggles in the sand.



What a land, so old and so free.

I think to myself, "is it all for me!?"



The breeze so gently seems to pass right through me,

making me feel like some one new, or maybe! someone I did know.

Somehow it beckons me to join its ways,

timeless beauty joins nights into days.



And what a land this is, so old and so free,

where a man can just be.


Way of in the distance many miles away,

there’s a dingo hunting, a kangaroo’s it’s prey.

While way up high Galahs fly free in the sky.

When the animal is downed, they do not care why.



They do not seem to worry, they are part of this killing game,

and even I sit and wonder, somewhat the same.

Am I just the same; ‘to kill or be killed?’

It is hard to know now, how I feel.


For this land steals ones heart away and beckons one to heed.

The rules of the land are calling me indeed.

A form of spirituality, rooted to the ground.

The constant rumbles, of thunderous sounds.



Calling, calling! for souls to join.

“Unite with the land,” like melting in the sand.

"I am dreaming, I am dreaming!" I think to myself,

yet I do not feel I need any one's help.



Timeless beauty joins night into day.

Timeless wisdom calls life and death a game.

Timeless wondering, as I sit on the sand.

Timeless dreaming, I am; ‘desert man.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill  20/2/99