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Book 28Page 16

The Irish session





To the beautiful sounds of Irish notes,

the musicians bow their fiddles and strum their guitars

as the music carries them and their Irish admirers off

to places far from this local country town bar.


O’Malley’s eyes light up and twinkle

as he performed a little ‘hop with his bow,’

and Shawn replies with a little musical gesture

as he plays a harmony below.


An spurring them on, the rhythm player thumps,

clacking and banging on his traditional boddrum,

Keeping all the players united

(in a very Irish way of course) as one.


And as the Guinness flows ,Irish hearts glow

to many a rollicking tune and song.

Musicians and patrons tap their feet

(and occasionally holler) as the Irish session rolls on and on and on.


And at the end of each tune

there’s a kind of universal Irish gesture of thanks

as they hold their Ales and Guinness high,

only to then hurriedly skull them down as someone shouts


“Does anyone know this one”

as he twiddles the tune merrily with his bow,

and before long, (before you’ve got time to say “Begora,”)

their all playing as fast as their little fingers will go.


Old Paddy’s leading the way, what a character!

He’s not missed a session for forty years.

No doubt he’ll be playing in his grave,

as long as they’ve got Guinness on tap ‘up there.’


And be sure they’ll all be back next week

to pump out a few more traditional songs and tunes,

sitting by the fire side in the back of the old

Australian , slash, ‘Irish saloon.


And yes, it’s another Irish session down at the pub tonight,                     though Ireland’s many miles away.

For these folk Ireland somehow gets magically closer with every

‘reel’ and ‘jig’ and ‘air’ that they play.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 11/7/00