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Book 6 Page 18

The Budda’s in the baby


The budda’s in the baby,

the super transcendent one.

Because deep down the babies got this firm grip of confidence,

on what it will become.


The Budda’s in the baby,

going along with any plan.

Waiting ever so patiently to grow up to be;

a woman or a man.


The budda’s in the baby,

doing exactly what it feels.

Life is a miraculous experience,

living from sleep to meal.


The budda’s in the baby

going merrily along with ‘life’s ride.’

The budda and the baby,

sleeping side by side.


Cause the baby hasn’t learnt earth attachments

and the budda’s in its mind.

The budda and the baby,

living side by side.


© Written by Dominic John Gill   8/10/99