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Book 27  Page 7

Cool is for


“Cool” is my generations most favorite word.


Text Box: What a cool” dog!
Cool is for ‘hip,’

Cool is for ‘the most,’

Cool is for ‘sick,’

and totally ‘grouse.’


Those who are ‘cool’

are my generations ‘cream.’

Being cool makes you

‘totally extreme.’


Cool is for ‘excellent,’

Cool is for things ‘far out,’

Cool is what our generation is

all about.


Cool is an ‘exclamation,’

a description we use all the time.

Cool represents things that are 

more than ‘just fine.’


Cool is for ‘awesome,’

Cool is for “gee whiz.”

The word “cool’ is the most popular word

for today’s popular kids.


 © Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/11/00