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Book 3 Page 2

I was not the teachers pet

I think I am quite clever now,

but they didn’t think so when I was young,

For they were always trying to curve

my veracious tongue.


 I would ask millions of questions

that got there tempers flared.

Simply little questions like;

‘who’ and ‘what’ and ‘where.’


While the teachers were giving their lessons,

I would interrupt with the strangest of requests.

I was often told; “stick to the facts child,

and don’t make it up or guess."


 I had this wild imagination

that often lead to ‘gross exaggerations.

They called it ‘lies’ and I was much maligned

but for all this I can tell you “I did really really try. “


 I sent the teachers mad.

They call me 'A. D. D.' and 'bad,'

but I think there was nothing wrong with me,

for I think that I was just trying at heart to be free.


 Be sure as you can bet,

I was not the teacher pet.

 I’m sure if they were truthful they’d say

“I’d be glad to get rid of that kid some day.”


But I think I turned out pretty good (none the less.)

© Written by Dominic John Gill  10/4/99