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Book 1 Page 56

The Rudiments of music



The rudiment of music are not composed of simply notes,

but of human inspiration and of feeling, and of hope.

The rudiments of music are not simply arrangement of tunes and chords,

but of human memories and emotions, that ‘strike’ the common chord.



For the rudiments of music go much deeper than just mere sounds,

for they are the very stuff of the spirit and of the human soul.

For above all else, music will always hold,

the precious meaning, of the precious whole.


So I say that the;

Rudiments of music are much much deeper than just sounds.

I am a fine musician and this is what I have found.

We are like a harp and its strings are our very spine,

and upon us the angels play, joining heart to mind.


For music can stir a chord, bringing that which was previously apart

Into an unified whole, uniting mind and soul and heart.

Music is humanities saviour, the common language ‘sublime.’

The rudiments of music I say then are simply, ‘quite divine.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill   9/4/99