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Book 35 Page 35


The bomb in the yard


The old bomb in the yard,

the battery’s flat, the tires are down,

it’s been years since that old motor

went round.


It could do with a wash,

it could do with a polish,

but really, what it really needs is to be

taken down the scrap yard to be demolished.


The Misses is fair Dink-um sick of it.

She says “it’s a flaming eye saw.”

“It’s a bomb” she says,

“so what do you want it for?”


He tells her he’s gonna-

do it up one day,

but in the mean time it just sits outside;

rusting away.


The old bomb just lies in the yard,

with a flat battery’ and it’s tires down,

and it’s been years since the motor-

went round,

but he’s reckons he’s gonna do it.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Feb 27 2002