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Book 6 Page 22

The dog doesn’t like baths


The dog doesn’t like having baths,

he thinks he’s done something wrong and is in strife.

It’s as though he’s had some horrific encounter with water

in some another life.


The poor thing just turns to jelly at the very mention

of the word ‘bath.’

We’ve even taken to ‘spelling’ the word in his presence,

Even thought it feels so daft.


Yet the dog loves to swims in the sea,

even when it’s freezing cold.

I think the dogs just got an aversion

to doing what it’s told.


And so there’s always this drama at bath time,

for baths he fervently shuns,

but not so for the kids who bath him

who thinks it’s all just for fun.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  9/10/99