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Book 5 Page 2




They walk pass my house

on their way to school,

lighting cigarettes

as they play the cool.


And me!

(a smoker of many years,)

feel like

washing out their young little naive ears.


“Hey kids!" I imagine saying to them,

"don’t you know what that stuff does to your lungs!?

you’ve got your whole life ahead of you,

you’re only young!”


But Ha! what notice would they take,

would they stop and listen to what I say?!

Just because I am dieing of cancer

on this bright summers day.


Just because I now regret

all my smoking years.

Just because I am dieing,

would an example like me make them hear?


But O! I’d wish I had listened

to what my parents had said.

For in a few short months I feel,

I will soon be dead.


I have lung cancer,

brought on by cigarette smoke.

I tell you kids!

and I do not joke,


You can smoke if you want to,

argue back and disagree.

but I simply say, "each time you take another drag.... just think of me!"

© Written by Dominic John Gill   29/6/99