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Book 27 Page 1

No fixed abode


I am a man

of a no fixed abode,

living my life

forever on the road.


Some call me a “hobo,”

Some call me a “swag,”

Some call me by

many a derogative tag.


Cause I’m often badly dressed

and in need of a shave,

and some find reason to disapprove

of the way I behave.


For I live ‘in my own way,’

and follow nobodies rules,

though I am not what some may think,

‘an ignorant fool.’


I live under the stars

in my slow and ‘out of step time,’

and I regard this whole planet;

The trees ,the sky and all it’s land, as mine.


And I live in a way that

some think of ‘as bad,’

but they do not understand the ways

of the ‘wondering nomad.’


Yes I am man

who lives life alone.

I am the man of a

“no fixed abode.”



© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/10/00