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The following site is about 'bad movies.' It seems that some people have made an art form out of bad movies. or this found in the paper,,10117,16916146-13762,00.html  

Book 6 Page 2


The attack of the killer tomato





‘The attack of the killer tomato’ is probably

Hollywood's greatest film ever.

The realistic way that giant tomato

roles down the main street is just so clever!


And the way that tomato flattens the people demonstrates it’s one mighty killing machine.

The attack of the killer tomato is probably the greatest film

I have ever seen.


The suspense and the drama, it’s riveting!

And then that tomato meets its squishy end,

cause they bring in the big guns and turn that vicious tomato

into a tomato blend.  © Written by Dominic John Gill   31/7/99