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Book 20 Page 38


Its winter time


It's cold outside

its winter time

and the grass crackles under your feet.

But Im inside

by the fire side

a putting on another load of peat.


The snow falls down

theres frost all around,

I can see the children making snow men.


And my god its cold

with a wind chill bold,

it hasnt been this cold since who knows when.


We have snow on the hills,

out in the winter chill

you can go skiing most of the day.


But Id rather use my time

with a bottle of mulled wine

than go out in the cold and play.


So I stay inside

by the warm fire side

while the temperature outsides way below naught.


And so Im snuggled up warm,

out of the harsh winters storm

a- thinking this cozy little thought.


Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/9/00