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The environment is everybody's business says this next site, that sounds fair enough to me

Book 9 Page 49



When the animals are gone


When the elephant is extinct,

what will the children think!?

How will they know ‘what is big!?’


When the last Giraffe dies,

Oh how the children will cry!?

They’d have no more symbol ‘for high.’


When the shark is no more,

the world will be such a bore.

They’d have no symbol for the ‘big bad jaws.’


When the monkeys end their days,

what symbol will the children have ‘for play!?’

when the last monkey becomes our prey.


When the whales cease to splash their tails,

there’d be no more whaling tails,

and there'd be no symbol for ‘wonder and greatness.’


So on this day / the children will cry,

on that sad day when all of the animals have died.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  19/11/99