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Try this site for some statistics on old age in Australia. 

Book 30 Page 44


At my age


At my age

Iím not about to get up and go and climb a tree.

For if I fall

Iíd suffer much more than just a knock around the old Ďproverbial knees.í


For at my age

Iíd have to say, ďIíd pass on the 26 mile marathon.Ē

Me heartís not where it use to be

and me running legs are certainly long ago gone.


I reckon at my age

I no longer need to show off me great sporting prowess.

These days pottering around in the garden

is when Iím at me ultimate best.


Cause at my age

Iím quite content to watch others exhibit their athletic flair,

while sitting back in my old arm chair.

 Itís more of a case of, done that, / been there,

at my age.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 1/18/2001