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This site seems quite relevant to the sentiments in my poem.

Book 8 Page 36


Another mongrel Christmas


It’s Christmas time again

in this great land of Australia,

and every one is going a little troppo

with the usual 'Christmas shopping mania.'


There’s snow on the windows

but it’s the stuff you get in cans,

cause it’s forty five degree above outside

in this rugged dry land.


Father Christmas (uncle Bob) has got heat stroke

wearing stuff suitable for the 'north pole.'

The clothings not suitable for forty five above,

 more befitting for forty five below.


There’s a turkey on the table,

someone else’s native pheasant,

and the kids are unwrapping imported toys

like Rainbow man and Barbie doll presents.


And Jesus is there on the T.V.

looking more like a movie star

 in some high cost classic,

 ‘Holly Wood,’ spectacular.


Ah it’s another mongrel Christmas

here in Australia.

Been taken over by the, ‘whole god damn world it seems,’

in a ‘Christmas cultural mania.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill   30/10/99