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Book 10 Page 28


I donít like Ďthrash music,í

and Iím not too keen on Techno.

So heck no, for god sake!

Donít put on the" Techno"!


I donít like music

pelting at me with that Ďprimitive beat,í

With a mindless gut thumping bass you can hear from here

down to the end of the street.


And I donít like listening to music,

at the volume of a Hundred and five decibels.

Hell! Iíve got a bit more culture than that;

Canít you tell!


Donít need to listen to music played by a computer,

No musicians! No band!

With a repetitive tune repeating over and over, 

Thatís incredible, incredible bland.


Bomb chick-ky chick-ky, Boom boom.

Itís enough to drive you bloody mad!

And to all those who think that Ďthatís musicí

Well! I just think ďthatís a little sad.Ē


I suppose when all is said and done,

 Iím just a simple Ďsixties man,í

so give me the Seekers or the Beatles,

and maybe to chill out a bit, some good old ĎDonovan.í


Cause I donít like thrash music,

and Iím none too keen on Techno either.

So heck no! for god sake!


Donít put on the" Techno"!


© Written by Dominic John Gill  22/11/99