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Book 12 Page 4



Tales from a swag


Tales from a swag ,

the rover keeps on traveling.

Forever on the move

in a worlds endlessly unraveling.


Hes seen a thousand faces,

and a thousand and one places.

Hes met a thousand minds

under a thousand skies.


And hes slept in a thousand beds,

in a thousand barns and sheds.

And yes; loved a thousand hearts,

but then as always, the traveler parts.


With his thousand songs,

and his thousand stories long,

and his thousand yarns and poems,

from his thousand worldly homes.


For hell never be tamed.

Hed rather live out in the sunshine and rain.

For he says hes, got the good life.

without the city rush and hype.


But this Rover will not fail,

to tell his thousand tales.

With a beer in hand,

stories of people and land.


But then he will leave you,

but remember in this he has not deceived you.

For as long as the world keeps turning,

this rover mans heart is yearning,


For a life out on the country plains,

where his heart and soul forever remains.

And there hell gathered up more stories,

to tell of his Rovin life in all its splendor and glory. 27/12/99