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Book 13 Page 12


In the poetry game


Iím a poet and it seems sometimes that                                         in my greatest works,

no body understands.                                                                 Alas this seem to be the lot of the

poetry man.


I write about the flowers

dancing in the rain

but then critics say "O donít be stupid, flowers donít dance!

Are you insane!!!?"


I write about love

in my rapturous verse,

but some say that "It is then that Iím at my

very worse."


I write about injustices

and manís many wrongs,

it is then that I sometimes get

the Ďloudest critical gong.í


For it seems that:


This is the lot of a poet trying to reach fame.

Often the poets just pouring his heart out, most times in vain.

Communicating to people who wonder,                                        " Is he clever or insane"?

This seems to be the poetís lot in the age old Ďpoetry game.í



© Written by Dominic John Gill 3/2/00