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Book 6 Page 41

Play fighting


The young boys are play fighting as they make their way home from school.

Some are fighting for supremacy, some fight just to be cool.


They remind of the antelopes, who fight to be the leader of the herd.

The young boys fighting, gesturing profanities and demanding to be heard.


“Come on, make me!” says one of the boys who was half the other boys size.

But when the bigger boy stepped forward, well you should have seen the little guy’s eyes.


And then he went into ‘a sucking up mode,’ (and reached into his pocket)

and got out his best marbles.

It was a stoke of ingenuity and it succeeded in getting him out of trouble.


For the offerings were accepted, (it was after all,) all in great fun.

These are just the kind of things that happen when you are young.


One minute they were pushing and shoving, / the next they were in some kind of race,

and if they get into an old fashion wrestle it can end up in a ‘warm macho embrace.’


And it seems that most kids (at some time) profess to be Karate expects, or masters of the fine art of ‘Kung-fu.’

That’s alway a good thing to proclaim when you’ve got yourself into the stew.


Yet some of kids take this approach to ridiculous lengths however, kicking and shouting in Chinese.

I myself at there age would have just simply got on my knees.


I see the kids fighting on their way home from school

and I am reminded of my younger day when I use to play ‘the cool.’ © Written by Dominic John Gill   11/10/99