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Book 6 Page 3

I am the writer


I am the writer, / the lord of words,

I have watched you closely / listened and learned.

And now it is my time to mirror back what I see,

mirroring you back, / mirroring back me.


I値l write you a story that sends shivers down your spine.

I値l write you a story to pull you out of your time.

I値l write you a story to join your mind to mine.

I値l write you a story, I値l write 壮tories.


Adventures and mysteries and intrigue are the stories I tell.

I値l pull you out of yourself or put you, back into your shell.

I値l take you to other worlds and let your imagination sore,

and then when you come to the end of my book,

you値l be left wanting more.


And when my book is done we will know each other a little better,

and all because of the magic of letters.

All because of the scribbles on the page.

Yes we may be 田lose no matter what your circumstance or age.


I am the writer, I am Shakespeare or your contemporary.

For in your view my handling of words is always 粗xemplary.

But my secret is simple, I simply reflect 添OU.

Like a projector I give you the 'mental pictures' that you want to review.


I am simply the one with words that role off my tongue.

I have been honoured by you (since time began) and by the old and the young.

But it is me who thanks you, for you are worthy of writing about.

For with out 土ou! this book would not have be possible, no doubt.


I am the writer, my medium is the page.

Upon it I will write my words that begin to arrange

in your heart, images in your mind and soul.

I am a go between, a medium, to help you feel whole.


I am the writer, you are my words.

ゥ Written by Dominic John Gill  31/7/99