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Here's some Australian facts on gambling.

Book 1  Page 37

Poky gambling


My hand reaches into my pocket

to gather up the dollar coins,

then I stretch to the poky machine and like magic,

the machine and I are joined.


The money tinkles down,

the symbols start spinning.

My heart rate goes up,

in anticipation of winning.


“Win some, loose some” I think that is how the game goes,

where it stops, nobody knows.


“Come on! It’s a win!” I shout,

As I grit my teeth and grin.

For deep down inside I know,

it will absolve me from my sins.

For the money was meant for other things.

No use in such concerns now, or such worrying, for;


It’s a win! everything’s gonna

be “all right. “

There’d be food on the table



Money for nothing, Ha, such an easy game.

Nothing like a bet to hide some ‘other’ pain.


Feeling lucky, got good vibes,

I’m on a high now.

Everything is going to be

all right somehow.


In goes more dollars, the symbols are spinning.

The feeling is strong again, on winning.



Win some / loose some,

that how the game goes.

Where it stops,

nobody knows.


Damn! O well! You can’t win every time.

There’s still money left over and the bells are gonna chime.


Cause round and around

the symbols spin,

each time

could be that 'lucky win.'


For hours and hours

the same lucky theme,

nerves are high

on adrenaline.




Round and round

my head starts to spin,

desperately waiting

for a desperate win.


Cause deeper and deeper into trouble I go,

Where I’ll end up, nobody knows.


Oranges and lemons, / my head’s in a spin.

Oranges and lemons, /Oh the trouble I’m in.

Dollar by dollar the money goes in,

what am I going to tell the family again.


What am I going to do

when the money’s so tight?

What am I going to say

when there’s no tea tonight?


Oranges and lemons the bells of St Clemons,

a tissue, a tissue, we all fall down.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  1/4/99