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Book 6 Page 27

The Uncle type


I am the classical ‘uncle type,’

I play the clown and the fool,

and in this role I tend to break

every etiquette rule.


I love the kids and then leave them,

I play that ‘non strict role.’ I let them do what ever they want,  

instead of what they are told.



They think of me as ‘eccentric,’

for I’ve been pulling money from their cute little ears

and playing my famous pen tricks,

since their baby years.


I’ve got a joke for every occasion,

and a smart comment always at hand.

I am their loving uncle,

the kids call me "unc," or "uncle Sam the man."


And when I go and visit them,

I always bring them treats.

The little darlings just adore me

as they gather around for sweets.


But I’ve had to pull back in recent years,

me back's just not the same.

“Sorry sorry! nope," I say, "I’m not doing that

horse and rider game.”


I suppose we’re all getting older,

nephews and uncle’s alike,

but I’ll keep playing their ‘uncle Sam’ till I’m old and grey

and the kids grow out of riding bikes.


The kids only know me as ‘uncle,’

I’ve been their “Uncle Sam” all their life.

I’m the one who plays tricks and cracks jokes,

I’m the ‘typical uncle type.’



© Written by Dominic John Gill   8/10/99