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Book 16 Page 25


The boy stood on the burning deck

This is a parody on the poem; “Casabianca” written by Felicia Dorothea Browne. See site for original poem.



The boy stood on the burning deck, not wanting to jump in.

The boy just stood there not doing anything because he knew he couldn’t swim.


The boy just stood standing on that faithful burning desk, for what must have been ‘ages,’

while all around him things got well out of control as the fire around him ‘rages.’


 Then all of a sudden the boy jumped in, he’d plucked up the courage so bold,

for even though he couldn’t swim it was a choice of ‘hot or cold.’


And he swam and swam toward the shore, and eventually saved his precious life.

But I tell you if that boy had stayed there any longed on the burning deck he would  sure as hell have been in strife.


So the moral to this story you may think quite fascinating,

is really all about ‘reacting straight away’ ,or about perhaps ‘not procrastinating;’


For the boy would have died there on that burning deck if he had not taken a chance.

Sometimes in life you have to give things a go, that is, without a ‘second glance.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill  28/3/00