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Book 19 Page 24

When you see a tree


When you see a tree

do you wish that you could climb it?

When you see a tree

do you think that you should sign it?


Do you feel it is your territory,

like a dog marking it’s scent?

Do you use the trees as a memory marker

to know which way you went?


Or do you just pass on by,

not giving them a second glance?

When you see a tree

are you filled with nature’s romance.


Or do you see a tree,

as just a pile of wood,

and when you think this way,

do you think you really should?


Do you say “hello, good morning tree,”

and converse with it’s tree-e nature?

Or when you see a tree

do you tend to think of paper?


Do you look at all its leaves,

a swaying in the breeze?

Does this ‘tree someone’

make you feel at ease?


I ask you,

when you see a tree

as you pass them in the street,

do they catch your eyes attention,

or do you pass them ‘half asleep.’

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/6/00