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Book 12 Page 11


The editor


The editor’s job is to cut and paste.

To not give a damn about the words he wastes.


And so in one swipe of his mighty judgmental hand, he may wipe away the very words that you thought were ‘so very very grand.’


For it’s the editor who say what’s to go and what’s to stay.

The editor is like god with an unquestionable sway.


And he may even change the meaning of the written text

by simply omitting some of its original content..


And you may find yourself saying the exact opposite to what you meant

if the editor goes to your work with a ‘veracious bent.’


And then you may argue what you want, but! at the end of the day,

It’s the editor who will have the last and final say.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Ph 0413713893