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Book 9 Page 21

Hollywood dreaming




Here I am washing dishes in Hollywood. Iím waiting for my big break,

for one day Iím gonna be a big star. Iím just 21, itís never too late.


Itís nineteen seventy one,

That days gonna come.



Here I am waitering, serving all the stars,

still waiting for my own limousine car.


Itís nineteen eighty two,

got the 'would be actors fever' and the star struck blues.



Here I am, itís nineteen ninety three.

And Iíve been getting down on my knees.


Iíve done the town, Iíve slept around,

but still Iím waiting to be found.



Here I am cleaning rich movie stars cars,

still got high hopes to go far.


Itís nineteen ninety nine,

it seems Iím getting left behind.


Cause nobody wants an old fifty year old hag like me. © Written by Dominic John Gill  17/11/99