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Book 1 Page 36

Iím not a Gambler


Iím not a gambler!

I just play the pokies.

Donít gamblers live in large houses

and smoke large stogies?


I just play the pokies,

one dollar at a time.

Real gamblers spend big money on roulette and black jack,

and holler and shout and drink expensive wine.


Real gamblers are sophisticated,

like Kerry Grant on TV.

They have lavish women

who wouldnít look twice at me.


Cause Iím just a regular guy,

I havenít got my sights set so high.

No, Iím not a gambler!

Not I!


Iím not a gambler,

I donít fit the type.

I donít need to be treated as such

Cause Iím perfectly all right.


Now I do admit that I did spend the kidís pocket money.

But I was planning to give it back soon, soon!

Well it wasnít my fault!

I had bad fortune.


Iím not a gambler!


No way!

I just play the pokies.

© Written by Dominic John Gill  1/4/99