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Book 4 Page 4

O how I love thee


I am just a common man

without a poetic bone,

but I am compelled my love

to write this poem

to ask you to come home.


Now the first word that comes to my mind

Is the tiny little word, ‘O!’


‘O’ for an exclamation, of pleading,

Yep! That’s definitely it; it’s an ‘O!”

That’s how my poem must start,

But how it ends, I do not know!


Next, I need to use the word, ‘love,’

and something to express, ‘how much love.’


I have it!


“‘O!’ how I love thee. “


That’s it!

That’s all I need to say.

It might be a poem that’s small and un-original, but babe,

It explains my feelings to a ‘Tee.’

I need not say one more single word accept,


“O! how I love thee.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill 30/7/99