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The quotation quote What better way to start this section on "quotations" off, than to have a quotation on quotations

Limitations Limitations, we all have them

Illness A philosophical thought on 'illness'

Failure How it happens

When something goes wrong And it's bound to

Final wish Why would you wish for something if you knew you had everything!!!

Fly like an eagle I'm not talking about myself of course

Science A view on it

Superstition A view on how we assume "fact"

What we make it Perhaps this is the ultimate wisdom

Ideologies Many a war has been fought over ideologies

On a wave Music, sweet music

Revenge is sweet 'Revenge,' perhaps one of the most debilitating emotions on earth

A Freudian message  Being a bit unfair on Mr. Freud!? You decide

A once upon a time story All phenomenon involves itself in time. Science doesn't know what 'time' is yet it bases so much of it's understanding of life upon no steady concept of 'time'

A penny for your thoughts A 'word play' on this saying

A pinnacle of evil Most people believe in the concept of evil

A rich perspective We all have perspectives on things, sometimes however our perspective is governed by our experience only

A terrorist thought We got to understand terrorism so that it can be defeated

Against all odds Parents can give off negative messages

An un sober Christmas Being merry

Behind closed doors A thought with a twist

bounds of logic 'Logic' truly can be a strange thing!!!

Christmas time Christmas time can be a stress for some

Couldn’t get out of bed What's this one about!!!?

Cupids ways A thought on 'love'

Evil happens when A play on words or parody of a famous quote

Getting old together It certainly does feel this way

God save America Is this where the world is at right now?

Hard sells Ah the television adds do talk 'rubbish' at times, is anyone believing them!?

Healthy irreverence Be yourself

Human value How do we come to know our own human value?

Lies Food for thought

Modern power Thinking about how the world works

None so blind Thinking about what chances we miss

Old man True or not true I ask!?

Passion and conviction Having conviction can be a good thing or a bad thing, it all depends on what it is applied to

Possibilities of life And what are the possibilities of life?

Responsibility Our entire existence could be for the sake of taking responsibility

Life is like a roller coaster ride Well life is like many things

Soapies and drugs Some of the Soapies just crack me up!!!

Strange people They seem to be on the increase some say

Tabloids low down business Don't buy tabloids, you'll only encourage them

The actors creed A simple statement about the great and noble art of 'acting'

The listening Yorick Was William Shakespeare grieving over his beloved friend Yorrick? Who was Yorick, find out?

The more Do you find this to be true for yourself?

The seasons of my love A parody of various love poems

The sex trade off The two sexes, are we getting on with each other well?

Thought power Some say that thought power creates reality

When in Rome When in Rome you ...

When Jesus Spoke Could this be true?

Words to a beloved Love makes the world go round

A born teacher Making a comment on the nature of teaching and 'the teacher'

Agnostics As the agnostic thinks of the religious and spiritual people in a critical light, so too can we view the agnostic

An over active mind A parody on a famous quote. Here's a site that gives some history and some views on the famous quote, "I think therefore I am."

Beliefs What role do beliefs play in our lives?

Everybody’s wrong sometime Ah ... but you might say, I'm not just anybody!!!

Failure Everyone's trying to avoid failure

Fools It seems perhaps that, everyone knows a 'fool'

Free counseling

Got a heart Emotions are necessary

Home Everybody needs a home

Me and God A simple but yet seemingly honest kind of view of '"me and god'

Money talks There are so many similes that do indeed suggest that "money talks

People and time frames 'Time' is what we live in

Sarcasm A thought about sarcasm

Teddy bear metamorphosis I'm just saying what I have observed about some people!

‘To dissent’ verses ‘to follow’

Walk the good mile  'The good mile' being life itself

What the world needs now Is this what the world needs now? Here's the song this saying derive from.

Wonder and amazement True of false

A word from a rebel To be a rebel is not necessarily a bad thing, it all depends on what the rebel does to achieve their goals

Clinical studies prove A thought on our modern scientific mind set

Divorce Some people go thought it fine, some definitely don't. And this site will lead children to child appropriate information about devoice.

Let us drink Here's one for all those 'binge drinkers' out there! A site for adolescents

No to weapons Speaking about 'guns.' Site regarding gun deaths in America

One things for sure Being critical on 'science.' Or perhaps to be more correct, on the 'business' of science

'Science and commerce' are not really separated. This site speaks to this kind of understanding.

The creative push Have you ever wondered about creativity and hard work?

The time has come A parody on a poem called “Jabberwocky”  written by the singer, Msn Donovan. See original poem, when at site type "The Walrus And The Carpenter" into the 'find' section.

Don’t think twice 'Procrastination,' hard to spell, / easy to do

In times of pressure Lots of people crack when put under pressure

The economist bible Is this true?

The law is an ass The quote, "the law is an ass" is reportedly written by Charles Dickens

The little minded big mind A thought about what a genius does

Truth and lies Is this true or false?

Yesterdays new Making a comment about the 'media system'

Help Lots of people want to help, but not all have good intensions

A real friend Is this the definition of a real friend?

Body language  Speaking about the deepest of communications

Television’s influence What is the influence of television upon society? Here's some sites that discuss this question

Touching silent words When you've run out of words

A missed story A play on words in the title here

A thought from an anarchist What's an anarchist?

Bananas in pajamas Who'd had ever thought that, two lonely banana's could make so much money! B1's my favorite bananas, what's yours!? I can imagine that if you pealed back the personalities of B1 and B2, B1woud be the softer and sweeter of the two. Here's the official site of the dynamic duo

Chronic Optimism Syndrome What is optimism!? Well here's a not so optimistic view on it. If you really want to be optimistic all the time, here's a site that claims a 'method' in how to do it And just to balance things up, here's a site on 'pessimism'

Cloud illusions Here's a  view on life. Obviously this quote is based on the song, "Cloud illusions." Here's the words to this song.

Friend or foe and no in between Is this how it works for some people?

Happy in old age A thought about 'old age'

Poetry reflection The 'obvious' in writing is most times, the obvious choice

Love struck contentment This one tries to define 'over attachment.' You don't want one of these kind of relationships!

What the world needs now "What the world needs now" is a quote from a songs song by Burt Bacharach. Here's the lyrics to the song, "What the world needs now." 

Written music A thought about it

Capture the moment Do you really want to capture the moment?

Life’s purpose It seems very important to know your own purpose

The living moment A strong view expressed in a strong way in this one

From 'a view' to 'a conviction' A thought about the difference between a 'view' and a 'conviction'

Good writing

Guilt Everyone's had a little guilt in their lives, it's only natural

Sexist material If your a feminist, don't complain to me about this one!!! I'm just describing what I see at times

Spontaneity is everything This one could explain who and what created the universe!!!

Suffer the little children Someone very famous coined this phrase

A fair world What would happen if the world was fair?

Alike Thinking about the fundamentals of poetry

Essentially good I question in this one, how do you reason with humanity considering all the bad in the world. Well here's one angle

Animal experiments Regarding the mistreatment of animals, has it ever occurred to you that (Buddhism,) one of the worlds most psychologically complex religions and philosophies holds as high priority "the good kind treatment of animals." Here's a site on the subject of animal cruelty.

Buyer beware

Man’s most redeeming quality I think this of man

Me This would be the shortest heading for a poem yet!!!

What is love A thought on "love" or perhaps on "god," it depends on how you interpret this one

The more you give away A thought - a philosophical thought on 'giving'

Waiting for luck Does luck just happens or it is engineered

Humanities greed A little thought or quote on "greed," since we often tend to think of man as greedy

Man cannot live A very famous man said, "man cannot live on bread alone." I've adopted this saying to say something about what some alcoholic try to live on

Man creator I'm saying something very obvious about "man" in this one. Yet it is not something I think that many people necessarily would agree with

Never keep a mirror I personally don't look into the mirror very much, I'm either too good looking or not good looking enough!

No beginnings / no ends Talking about the "soul," some food for thought about it. That is; if you think you have one in the first place

The best compliment True or not true!?

The way of the world The ways of the world are many, but here are a few commonalities

What you pay for "Buyer be ware," or "you only get what you pay for," they could be the same statement really!

When Jesus come next Where does suffering come from? A thought on this

The drug relationship A little thought about the drug addict

The greatest help Help can come from all sorts of places

A good book A thought about a book's influence

A picture is worth The computer makes new meaning on the phase, "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Adventure or nothing A thought about the adventure of life

Advice A true or false statement on the dynamics of advice. You could say that I'm giving you a bit of advice on 'advice'

The battler We Australians pride ourselves on being 'the battler'

Affected by love Love is it's own reward

Computer program merry go round Being up to date with the latest computer program is the doggy equivalent of, chasing your tail

Virtuous men and women Virtue in the human race is still kept alive

Free will Free will's got us into a lot of trouble!

Life is precious Life is precise, according to all religious doctrines

Love conquers all The power of love is not to be underestimated


Resistance is futile Have you ever felt this way?

The Guinness book of records It looks like there's a Guinness book of records in every Australia house hold

The Jerry Springer show The Jerry Springer show was a show on television where people got angry with each other about there relationships. It was a stupid show really!

The noisy fool One small thought or observation about the 'fool'

The wrong crowd Parents are always worried about their children mixing in with the wrong crowd. Perhaps this one will explain why

We are all born mad Hm-- really!

What is normal Do you have an opinion on this, or do you have an opinion on what is abnormal?

A book is born How are books created? Where do books come from? A little thought  that is; a little philosophical thought on this. Want to write a book, poem, play ect, here a site to get you started.

A closed mind A little, - I hope, - open minded thoughts about 'closed minds.' Before you close your mind on this subject, read some views on the subject

A lack of an ‘authority system’ All men, -and women- are equal

Anti matter When you hear about many of today's complicated scientific theories, do you ever stop to think that; there are morals / values and psychological judgments behind them?

Anticipation I'm still learning that, what I say in this one is the truth

Biblical advice to the stock market Ah! this one belongs in the quote section

Discovery Speaking about the dynamics of discovery

Dreaming is for idealist This one could just as much be about "the idealist" as it is about the "process of dreaming"

I’m cool Don't you find the word, "cool" a simple but highly provocative word? Have a look at this site with a Bill Harley song speaking about what is 'cool'

Sex sells Now what little quotation or words can we say about 'sex'?

Stock market advice Am I being a bit hard on the underlying philosophy of the stock market or the investor? Well most probably, but it felt good at the time!!!

The activist The activist is unquestionably one of the most important figures in 'human life' and in 'human history.' If at times you ever start to think of the activist as "bad," - and this is perhaps understandable at times - remember, Jesus was one

The great theorist said Just a wee thought about how people perceive complicated things

The inner voice of big business Everyone has an inner voice, but it says different things to different people. See many definitions and hyperlinks on 'capitalism' in this site.,GGLJ:2006-16,GGLJ:en&defl=en&q=define:Capitalism&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title 

A choice of two evils So what do you do when you're faced with a choice of 'two evils!?'

A drug addicts ways Being a bit hard on the 'drug addict' perhaps!

A reaction to ignorance How do you react to words that you think are ignorant?

Christmas proper gander O I don't really believe this one. I love Christmas, I love father Christmas. And to think that apparently I wrote this one on Christmas day, where is my soul!? And why wasn't I busy opening my presents?

Communication What's the best thing that we can achieve from good communication?

Contextualized inspiration A little thought about "inspiration."

Country music inspiration Country music inspiration, now where does it come from? Why life of course!!!

Dictators Maybe if we can figure out what dictators are, we can figure out how, 'not to have them'

Evil is Well here's at least one attempt to describe what 'evil' is

Fashion Don't ask me about fashion, fashion to me is wearing a pair of jeans that are ironed and don't have holes. O I forgot, having holes in your jeans these days is fashionable

Getting to know somebody What is a good definition of getting to know someone?

Infinity’s riddle I believe that our 'particular beliefs in life' in itself, determines how we understand mathematics and all the sciences. With this in mind, here's a view of 'infinity'

Journalism Is journalism actually a part of the event it reports on?

The death of a theory

The gossiper There seems to be a lot of them these days

The Theory / theory There's a theory about theories ... why that's preposterous?!!!

The workaholic

There’s no formula for happiness See

Look to the future

Plastic flowers

Technology is a curse

The great teacher A thought about the great and noble profession of 'teaching'


When my bedroom is messy Here's one for the teenagers out there

Clean me teeth

Genius talk

The inherent problem of faith

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