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Book 2 Page 7



Ants in my            coffee cup




There's ants in my coffee cup,

they’ve come from all around.

They’re floating in the coffee,

they look like their about to drown.












Can any one tell me

whether ants can swim?

Cause I’m always finding them dead

in the cups there in.




Do they really know the trouble

they're getting themself in,

when they climb down the coffee cup,

do they think they can swim?







Or does one accidentally fall

and then the rest of them jump in,

trying to save their fellow ant

on an 'ant rescue mission?'




Or are they like sheep

simply following the ant up front?

And as one slips

the rest follow and jump.










Have you ever seen an ant

doing the dog paddle?

Because if you have this would help to

solve the puzzle.












Maybe they’re just

going for a casual dip?

Or maybe they have been drinking too much alcohol

and then they slip.












Or is it simply a mystery

in the same way where whales beach themselves?

Does any one know the reason why,

can anyone help?











Is there any one out there

who can tell me why

 there are always so many ants in my coffee cup

that seem to want to die?


 © Written by Dominic John Gill 13/4/99