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Children's poetry List



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The clown tried to be serious This is a comical story about a clown who is misunderstood

My childhood years A story about childhood memories

Monster love poem 'Monsters' can be in love too

Into bed like teddy bears To bed with the children

Ants in my -Co-Co coffee cup About 'ants'

Mr Man Some comical thoughts on the people who fix things

Contrary Mary I hope you eat up all your vegetables! For some thoughts on 'junk food' see site;

The three wise Men A Christmas story about the three wise men who were known to have followed the star of Bethlehem 

The animals come out Poem about how animals come awake in the night time

O I wish I was a dog Dogs have so much fun

A frog he would a wooing go Singing a song by the camp fire What to know more about frogs, try this site

Me dog digs holes "Me dog digs holes" is a story about my dog who can't seem to learn how to, not dig holes in the back yard. Have you got a dog like that?

How much is that doggie in the window When I went to buy a dog I found that I couldn't afford him so I had to save my money. In the mean while I wrote this poem. See a picture of my new dog Yanto in the poem

Kevin the gold fish A story about a fish named "Kevin" Thank you to Tara for inspiration on this one