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Book 10 page 9

Mr Man


These days there’s a Mr man for every single possible task.

All you got to do is to pick up the phone and ask,


Cause there’s a Mr fix it for all those odd jobs round the yard.

A Mr mobile mechanic / to repair and service your car.


A Mr window to fix your broken glass.

A Mr clip to mow your grass.


A Mr Wippy for your ice cream delights.

A Mr exterminator to get rid of the mice.


A Mr minute to mend your shoes and cut you’re keys.

A Mr house maid who’ll clean wax and polish with Mr Sheen.


A Mr handyman who’ll do anything, even chop the wood.

A Mr muscle, now he’s looking good.


A Mr antenna, to get that T. V. looking just right.

A Mr man for every single possible plight.


Yep! these days there’s a man for every reason.

and a man for every season,


So whenever you need that extra hand,

don’t despair and call;

‘Mr man.’

 © Written by Dominic John Gill 24/11/99