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The Slov-vy monster love poem


O how I love thee

my dearest Ďmonster slov-vy.í

I love to run my paw-ry hands

all over your delicate two ton body.


For you are the most beautiful monster

I have ever seen.

As you lie in my arms 

the light glistens upon your delicate tentacles 'green.'


And as your saliva dribbles

from your delicate sweet mouth,

I just need to spray, "how I love thee"

and  let it all pour out.


And did I ever tell you how I love

the little wrinkles in your face

as you tenderly devour the

little children

at such a rapid monster pace.


And O! I've always loved the way you

do that thing with the left over bones.

O my dearest monster slov-vy!

wonít you marry me and make us a home?


And you and I could make more monsters.

One! Two! may be even more,

who will lie all day like us

upon the sea shore.


And so letís not worry anymore

about the 'bad hunting men.í

Let us pretend itís just you and me

in our 'monster lovers haven.'


© Written by Dominic John Gill 18/11/99