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(Christmas story about the three wise men known to have followed the star of Bethlemhem) 

Book 3 Page 15

The three wise Men


Looking for Jesus

the three wise men followed a star.

They walking for weeks

cause they had no car!


They walked over hill and dale

in sleek and in hail.

So the legend is handed down,

so goes the tale


And they wore out there sandals

while carrying their gifts.

For they had to walk for miles,

at the stars slightest shift.


They walked to the east

and then back to the west.

It was a feat of endurance,

this holy astrological test.


But! they found the place eventually,

(thank god for that.)

The star had lead them to Bethlehem

where all the action was at.


And then they did their thing

and presented their myrh.

Giving praise to Mary

and her miraculous birth.



Written by Dominic John Gill   25/4/99