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Book 5 Page 22




Contrary Mary


Mary was so contrary,

she always would say “no!”

When asked; “"Mary why don’t you eat up the vegetables”

that in the garden grows?"


She especially didn’t like peas,

and spinach or Brussels sprouts.

She’d say; “"no I don’t want to"

while waving her hands about.


Soon Mary became thin,

but the doctors hadn’t a clue to why.

They looked at her bewilderingly

then gazed up to the sky.


But what the doctors didn’t know

was what contrary Mary drank and ate.

Litres of Diet coke and lollies and of course,

heaps of chocolate covered sponge cake


Now I suppose your wondering what happened to her,

especially if you feel as though you can identify.

(But all I can say to any children reading is ;)

make sure you eat up all your vegetables every single night,

along with your pudding and pie.


Cause vegetables are good for you and healthy,

especially peas and spinach and Brussels sprouts and Celery.

And don’t be so ‘contrary’ at dinner time,

or you’ll finish up the same way like our dear friend ‘Mary.’



© Written by Dominic John Gill  2/7/99