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Book 5 Page 11

My child hood years


I’ll tell you a tale

of my childhood years,

of chivalry and bravery

of when I had no fears.


It seemed that I

had something to prove,

swinging from tree tops

and climbing on roofs.


 I would go a journeying

where only fools would dare tread,

walking around it seems

with rocks in my head.


Down the storm drains

in the pouring rain.

Down the alleys

and up the lanes.


Over the fences

and down the valleys,

Way out in the scrub,

(searchin' for lizards) in the dry bush mallee.


For nothing was too dangerous,

nothing seemed forbidden.

But do you think I would jump off that thing now!?

you’ve got to be kidding!


But these were the days

of a childhood dream.

Like someone else now

it so very much seems.


Of the days when the word “danger”

was not in the mind.

These were the younger foolish days

of mine.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  l29/6/ 99