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Book 21 Page 42



Book 21 Page 42


Me dog digs holes


Me dog digs holes,

digging all so enthusiastically under the logs and the tree roots.

I suppose he’s getting into contact with his‘doggy’ earthly roots.


But my whole yard is littered

with little -and not so little - holes.

And a thousand times

he’s been told;


“stop digging up me garden.”

Yet if I shout at him and declare war,

I think my excited voice actually encourages him

to dig more.


One day I fell down one of his holes.

It was then that I really got mad and cursed the dog.

I stuck his curious little nose in the hole and shouted,

“no more holes you here!”


but he didn’t stop, he just went on his merry way wagging his tail!


And so  I’d like to trade him in 

for a ‘non hole digging’ kind of breed.

But I love him too much and I think he knows ,

he’s got me to the point where ‘I succeed.’


And so he just goes on digging up holes,

and I just go on; filling them in.

And I’ve come to the point of surrender and resolution,

of my doggies most terrible sin of

digging holes.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 6/18/00 12:27 PM