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Book 19 Page 42


We all contribute


The Scientist give ‘reason’ to nature’s complicated seasons.

The Psychologist gives ‘purpose’ for those who are low in purpose.

The Doctor gives ‘medicine’ when your body is ill and menacing.

The Priest gives ‘Christ’ and plenty of advice.

The Poet gives ‘rhyme’ to a word out of time.

The Pimp gives ‘prostitutes’ as ‘love’s’ substitute.

The Generous give ‘bread and rice,’ giving not once / but more than twice.

The Builder gives ‘home’ so that you don’t have to roam.

The Banker gives ‘money’ so life is comfortable and sunny.

The Wife gives her ‘care’ to make a loving pair.

The Husband ‘gives it too’ to live a life as two.

The Children give ‘themselves’ to be cared for and be held.

The Enlightened give the ‘shirt of the back’ so you don’t feel a lack.


And we all give something in our own way.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/7/00