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A chickenís life Could this be true!?

Cut rose Repeating perhaps what Shakespeare said about "roses" in my own way. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" said Shakespeare. Type in the word, "rose" in the 'edit' / then 'find' section of your computer to get to this quote

Ainít what it use to be A thought about change and old age

Center of the earth Mucking around with words here, stirring just for fun

Dignity Dignity / honor / self respect, there's all very important attributes

Drink drive and youíre an idiot Some people don't seem to care about killing others by drinking and driving. The risk they pose to other people doesn't seem to be a deterrent to them. So what do they care about!?

Economy up / environment down Governments seem to want to put 'money' before the 'environment,' now that's got to be pretty stupid, isn't it!? Some thoughts on globalization for it seems to be relevant here.

Exciting as paint drying There is a saying, "it's as exciting as paint drying"

First thought I think I'm calling it how it is in this one

Following orders Everyone seems to be following orders, the question is, are they good orders!?

For goodness sake What do you make of this one?

If my dog could talk A tribute to all good dogs and especially to my dear departed dog, 'Tembo'

The first to fly Man's dreams are truly remarkable

Out and in Thinking about how all animals take advantage of things

Woe is me O, poor poor me!!!

You canít buy peace They also say, "money can't buy you love"

Finite resources The world's oil is running out now

Scientific test A comment, -be it critical - about "the scientific method"

O to inspiration Now how smul-chy is this one!!!? It just makes me want to sing; "love, is a many splendid thing"

On the run Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a 'criminal on the run'

Reading sensuality Some people do speak this way about the 'act of reading'

A crowd by its very nature Have you ever felt lonely in a crowd?

A gesture from the Jester I'm thinking of the Jester and the king as simply two parts of our personalities

Twinkling star Just an image of how we don't always notice 'what we should'

Space Inspired by the television series, "Star Trek"

All things are joined Are all things joined?

All in the family Philosophizing here

Leaders and bosses Those with the power

What is love Some simple and sweet thoughts about "what is love"

I could never be a poet A romantic view of love and poetry

Just call me "baby" A little love poem with a twist

Music sweet music A little tribute to music

Every body wants something Don't you sometimes think that there's too much pressure in the world?

Standing alone I am trying to discuss a very important attribute in the human race, one that involves a person being 'totally themselves.' The attribute of a person being oneself at any cost has both, improved the human race and plagued it

We all contribute We all contribute to society in our own way. And yet 'what people give to society' is sometimes questioned as not positive or not what it needs. This poem however simply speaks to the simple idea that we do indeed all give something to society in our own way

Its morning A little image about the new day and how, 'people and animals' feel about it

The progress of opulence

The archeologist

My sweet friend

Poor little plane